About Us

We are the reputed manufacturer of superior quality range of PS (polystyrene) Plate, Pet (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Food & Fruit containers. PP meat container pp/pe/evoh/pe/pp-pp/pe or mono pp (polypropylene) FDA approved  biodegradable additives pet ,pp, ps Containers, Salad bowls and many more models all so possible to manufacture your costume design products.

Our biodegradable additive technology can be used in most resin types (PE, PP, PS, PET, BOPP, APET and more) and not limited to the product packaging in this page. To make things simple, there are basically only 2 types of additive to choose from. They come in pellet and liquid forms depending on application and processing preferences. At very low dosage and competitively priced, they are cost effective and very simple to use and manage.

Our additive being 100% active ingredient with no carrier resin is unique in the market.

Highly effective in biodegradation verified using various ASTM test  methods (e.g.ASTM 5511, ASTM 5526).  Food safe abiding to FDA requirements , comply to enviromental EPA standards and EU directives.

Our biodegradable additive technology is proven better than competing technologies in terms of required effectiveness in landfill biodegradation, recyclability and proven stability in storage and service life of treated products without fear of premature degradation.

Following are more benefits of our technology:

* Biodegradable additive

* not require change in production or processing conditions

* simple to use with no varying addition rate

* Products treated with our additive

* retain similar properties of non-treated application

* food safe and compatible in recycling stream

* highly stable, not require special storage

* not degrade after manufacture

* not degrade due to heat, light, moisture and mechanical stress

* not turn into fragments during degradation

* biodegrade only in high microbial activities in waste sites such as landfill & compost

PE and PP food and non-food bags

Single-use checkout bags, bread bags, t-shirt bags, garbage bags and other product packaging can be a menace to the environment when littered and not collected. We suggest eco-friendly plastics applications using recycled resins and biodegradable technology. The technology helps to safely remove plastics from the environment after disposal.

Water and Beverage Bottles

PET beverage bottles can now be both recyclable and BIODEGRADABLE with the addition of our biodegradable plastic technology additives. This will help reduce plastic bottle pollution and buildups in landfills. The additive encourages the bottles to biodegrade at a greatly enhanced rate.

PE, PP, PS, BOPP & PET food packaging

PS foam for food, PET fruit packs and BOPP flower wraps treated using our additive technology will have an enhanced rate of biodegradability upon disposal. They are stable, food safe and recyclable.

Supplies and Merchandise packaging

Bubble films and Poly foams are widely used in product packaging by manufacturers, movers and freight forwarders. They are often single used and discarded. We propose use of eco friendly biodegradable materials that are recyclable and will self destruct via biodegradation at end of its useful life when disposed.

partners with BioSphere to offer an affordable solution to manufacturing environmentally friendly products.

Through years of research and development BioSphere has created some of the highest quality biodegradable plastic additives while maintaining affordability regardless of size of industry or product you may create.

They have developed ingredients that allow for degradation not only on the surface of plastic, but also in the interior of the plastic product. The additive allows microbes to consume the C-C bonds within the plastic structures at a macromolecular level which results in the consumption of the bonds. This creates greater surface area on the plastic product, allowing plastophilic microbes to attach themselves within the “caves” of the polymer, rather than only on the surface. Biosphere competitors’ products work by only dissolving the external plastic product.

Biosphere biodegradable additives enhance the biodegradability of plastic by increasing the amount of hydophalicity of plastic product. The current structure of plastic is hydrophobic and allows for only a small amount of biodegradation to occur over a very long period of time. The additive allows the acids which microbes produce to create faster biodegradability of the plastic, which in turn allows for the softening of certain properties of the macromolecules in plastic.

Biosphere’s 100% active ingredient additives have no carrier resins and are nothing like other biodegradable additives or oxo-degradable additives in the market which only offer a one-dimensional approach.

They have gained understanding of some problems that can occur when processing additives and have developed own system accordingly so that their product is simple to use and cost effcetive.

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Disposable products are available from us in different sizes to full fill the exact demands of clients.

Provided plate, fruit and food containers manufactured using high quality raw material by our workforce.

Our disposable products are tested on defined quality parameters to assure flawless finish.